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Renault Scenic 2, Megane 2, Espace 4 Repair

Instrument Cluster

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24 month guarantee

The Renault Scenic 2 type of instrument cluster is plagued by many common issues, usually resulting in the cluster dying or resetting intermittently. Eventually, the clusters tend to fail completely and not power up at all.

We test all of the instrument cluster's functions on our purpose-built test bench which simulates all the CAN messages from the vehicle. After confirming that it is faulty, we completely rebuild the instrument cluster to fix all existing issues and also prevent the development of additional faults in the future.

Common Faults

  • Display flickering or dying
  • Odometer jumping
  • Completely dead / not powering up

Applicable Vehicles

  • Renault Scenic 2 (2003-2009)
  • Renault Megane 2 (2002-2009)

Common Part Numbers

  • P8200365607B
  • P8200365607D
  • P8200365607E
  • P8200451505A
  • P8200461294H