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VW & Audi Group ATE VW/Audi MK60EC1 ABS Repair

Stability Control Unit

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24 month guarantee

The ATE ABS control unit fitted on many Audis and VWs often fails. In some cases the unit fails intermittently while driving, while in other cases the issue is present at all times. Unfortunately, the motor on the ABS pump also commonly fails, sometimes even at the same time! Once we confirm a faulty ABS control module, it goes through our proven rebuild procedure which has been refined and improved over many years to ensure longevity. We then put the control module through another bench test to confirm all issues have been rectified. We can also rebuild the pump motor if necessary, but please note that this is NOT included in the price of the control module rebuild.

Common Faults

  • 01130: ABS operation implausible signal
  • 16352: Control Module - Electrical Error
  • 01276: ABS Hydraulic Pump (V64)
  • No Communication with the control unit

Applicable Vehicles

  • Audi A3 8P
  • VW Golf 5
  • VW Golf 6

Common Part Numbers

  • 1K0614517AT 1K0907379AJ
  • 1K0614517BB 1K0907379AM
  • 1K0614517BD 1K0907379AD
  • 1K0614517BE 1K0907379AE
  • 1K0614517BK 1K0907379AP
  • 1K0614517DE 1K0907379BJ