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Ford & Mazda Mazda 3 TCM Repair

Transmission Control Unit

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24 month guarantee

The Mazda 3 BL transmission control module has several common issues which result in intermittent or total loss of function and/or communication.

Despite the potting compound the circuit board is encased in, heat and vibration from the transmission over many years often causes the failure of the module.

After confirming a faulty TCM on our purpose-built testing bench, the next step is to rebuild the unit.

Our rebuild procedure for these modules took a few months to develop due to the difficulty in safely removing the circuit board from the metal case and potting compound. This must be done very carefully to avoid damage to the electronic components or even the board itself.

Once the circuit board has been carefully extracted, our technicians have full access to recondition the entire control unit. This is one of the keys to the unrivalled success of our rebuild procedure. Many may offer a cheaper repair service which is focused only on the more easily accessible top side of the board. Unfortunately a limited repair like this often ends with the module failing again several months later.

After the entire circuit board has been rebuilt, it is mounted back into the metal case and a new oil resistant potting compound rated for high temperatures is poured in, sealing and protecting the module for many years to come!

Common Faults

  • U0101: Lost Communication with TCM
  • P0745: Pressure control solenoid valve "A" Electrical
  • P0748: Pressure control solenoid valve "A" Electrical
  • P0753: Shift solenoid valve "A" Electrical
  • P0758: Shift solenoid valve "B" Electrical
  • P0763: Shift solenoid valve "C" Electrical
  • P0768: Shift solenoid valve "D" Electrical
  • P0773: Shift solenoid valve "E" Electrical
  • P0778: Pressure control solenoid valve "B" Electrical
  • P2709: Shift solenoid valve "F" Electrical
  • Transmission in limp-home mode
  • No communication
  • CAN communication faults

Applicable Vehicles

  • Mazda 3 BK
  • Mazda 3 BL
  • Mazda 5

Common Part Numbers

  • L5G6189E1B G1T01977HV
  • L5G6189E1D G1T01977HV7
  • L34N189E1A G1T00474H1
  • L552189E1F G1T01374H7
  • L552189E1C G1T01374H1
  • LFAE189E1B G1T01375H
  • LFAE189E1C G1T01375H1
  • LFAE189E1D G1T01375H2
  • LFAE189E1E G1T01375H8
  • LFAE189E1F G1T01375HV
  • LFJS189E1A G1T01976HV
  • LFJS189E1B G1T01976HV1
  • LFJS189E1C G1T01976HP