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VW & Audi Group Temic Multitronic VL381 0AW CVT Repair

Transmission Control Unit

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24 month guarantee

The newer generation Audi Multitronic/Hytronic VL381 CVT transmission control unit is an improvement in reliability and technology over the previous Multitronic control units, but unfortunately it still often fails on the speed sensor circuits. Our rebuild procedure covers all three speed sensor circuits to prevent the future failure of the other circuits.

Common Faults

  • 8342 P071600: Input Turbine/Speed Sensor "A" Circ. - Range/Performance
  • 8343 P072100: Transmission Output Speed Sensor (G195) - Implausible Signal
  • 2226 P071700: Input Turbine/Speed Sensor "A" Circ. - No Signal
  • 2228 P072200: Transmission Output Speed Sensor (G195) - No Signal
  • 2230 P171E00: Transmission Input Speed (RPM) Sensor 2 - No signal
  • 2250 P073000: Gear Ratio Monitoring - Incorrect Gear Ratio

Applicable Vehicles

  • Audi A4 (B8)
  • Audi A6

Common Part Numbers

  • 8K0927155AA 0AW927156H
  • 8K0927155E 0AW927156E
  • 8K0927155T 0AW927156G
  • 8K1927155 0AW927156H
  • 8K5927155 0AW927156K
  • 4G1927155P 0AW927156K