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The Airflow Meter Test Bench

DS Auto Electronics' Airflow Meter Test Bench

During the mid-to-late 2000s, there was a notable demand for a repair solution for airflow meters. While it was relatively easy to rebuild airflow meters, the necessary recalibration was a significant challenge. This is why in 2007, we designed and built our airflow meter test bench.

At the heart of the machine is the very powerful air blower. We have designed a digital speed regulator, based on a pulse-width modulation, which we used to adjust the amount of air pushed through the test bench. The entire machine is interfaced to a PC by our custom hardware via USB, allowing us to use our software to control the test bench and analyse the data.

We have developed intelligent software which gives us the ability to precisely control the air blower. We send a very accurate amount of air through the tester and monitor the response we receive from the airflow meter being tested. To make the test accurate and consistent, we use a precise airflow meter for feedback. In this way we guarantee the same amount of air for every single test.

Nowadays, the demand for airflow meter repairs is not nearly as high. However, this test bench is still invaluable to rebuilding and recalibrating the ECUs which have an airflow meter built in, such as the Mercedes Benz A Class W168.