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The Mercedes Benz Truck ECU Test Bench

DS Auto Electronics' Mercedes Benz truck ECU test bench

As DS Auto Electronics grew in the earlier years, it became clear that there was a large, demanding, yet untapped market in the commercial vehicle sector, specifically trucks. However, our PADT ECU tester was not designed with a 24 V system in mind, nor was it built to simulate the loads driven by truck control units.

This is how our Mercedes Benz Truck ECU Test Bench was born. This test bench serves as an extension to the PADT, allowing us to simulate the truck accurately.

While it is also possible to test other truck control units on this bench, it was mainly designed and built to simulate the Mercedes Benz large commercial vehicle platform. The end result was a significant advantage for DS Auto Electronics, as our methods of running and testing these truck ECUs were unparalleled. Using real unit pumps, diagnosis of the engine ECU and other control units became accurate and nearly effortless. This enabled us to go far beyond the simple faulty bank repairs. Starter issues, the dreaded internal faults, and many other problems could all be identified, repaired, and tested for again, right on our test bench, to confirm the repair was successful.